Now partnering with International Communications Corp.

Kace Communications is now partnered with International Communications Corp. to Install Wireless Access Points Your business is vital to the economy as you continue to innovate and expand technology spending. The ability to scale, handle security, be self-sufficient, handle social media, sync with other systems, and evolve features over time on an as-needed basis are core to your […]


The Benefits of Riser Management

Riser Management is beneficial to businesses with multiple stories or multi-building campuses. Having one company handling all of the building’s telecommunications needs ensures your business both convenience and security. Perhaps the most important feature for hiring a Riser Management company is to keep vital communications circuits secure from accidental disconnections from an unfamiliar technician. A […]


Structured Cabling is Worth it

What is structured cabling and when does it apply? If you have an office building, warehouse, industrial plant or data center, structured cabling is most likely an important component for your business. Structured cabling is your company’s telecommunications infrastructure. This allows for a standard way of having all of your communication systems such as; phone, […]